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FESTIVAL OPENING with Cusan Theatre Productions & Mikropodium

Come and join us for the opening, no embarrassing long speeches - just a very warm welcome!

First we will be serenaded by the one and only big headed ‘Bailadora’ and then delighted by the little stars of Stop’ ...and after that? The panorama of the festival will open out. The choice is yours!

STOP, Mikropodium (Hungary)

The smallest stage can give the greatest impression. Andras Lenart with his ‘micro-podium’ charms people around the world with exquisite puppetry.

‘Stop’ is a collection of short wordless vignettes that will make your day! Enjoy a Master at work!

SMALL WORLDS, Mimika Theatre, (UK)

What could a bug, a fox, a cat and a small girl have in common? - They saw the sun rise, and by the time it had set they had all entered a much bigger world.


A non-verbal performance for young audience with live action, puppetry and digital animations. Something very, very special.

3 PIGS, Storybox Theatre, (UK)

A porcine show for piglets, sows and old boars of all ages!


A sty full of stories and song. ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘Susannah the Fanciful Sow’ and ‘The Old Woman and her Pig’ are all brought to life with the amazing ingenuity of Storybox Theatre. Join in the fun!

A STITCH IN TIME, Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre, (Scotland)

When I was a little girl I used to go and visit my grandmother. There was always the sound of a clock ticking in the corner. The clock came to me from my grandmother, along with a pair of scissors, a glove and her sewing skills. We follow Rowena through time from a shop to an Irish mountain to a cottage, exploring each with puppets, objects and a passion for embroidery.

THE BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR, Theater DaWa, (Germany)

The little Tailor has made it. He’s King! Married the Princess and now reigns over half a Kingdom. But how Did it all come to this? He remembers his life- changing journey. The first “heroic” act of swatting seven flies, but then came the giants, wild boars and other dangers! And so he became a good and fair King - like the ones we know from Fairytales. Daniel Wagner will perform this award winning tale for the first time in the UK. We can’t wait!

CIRCUS GOCKELINI, Fundus Marionetten, (Germany)

Simple farmer ’Haferkorn’ has been inspired by the animals of his fields. He has changed his farmer’s clothes to a top hat and tails, and now tours the world with his talented troop. Watch Edmund the fox, juggling on a monocycle, Miss Gockelini walking on a rope and the dangerous tricks of Miss Pipsi.   

Fundus Marionetten performs trick marionettes for the first time in the UK. We are delighted!.

LE COLPORTEUR DE VIE, Larbassonge, (France)

Le Colporteur de Vie travels the ancient paths of time and arrives out of Nature carrying a suitcase. In the suitcase is a dream that transports him in his life. His burden is heavy but inside him lives something that will help him. In his heart he has the help of innocence.

An experience that leaves you wanting to protect the child within.

KAMIKAZE?, Scopitone, (France)

Cédric Hingouët brings us the story of a fragile character in a crumbling and destructive universe. The show does not mean to find an answer but rather to invite an audience to share its opinion on the manner of how to donate one’s spirit and/or one’s person to the world. “Kamikaze?” aims to be a reflection on the value of life and the sometimes radical decisions that it forces us to take. A manipulable story for a manipulating world.

PEGGY - THE LAUNDRY CHILD, Tabula Rasa (Austria)

Irene Iron irons on her ironing board. She irons mountains and valleys of washing... until someone climbsout from between the sheets. She tries hard to smooth out bumps, neaten edges and make things right, but everything goes wrong!

A play about love and feeling comfortable, with one puppet, one actress, one musician, one ironing board

and much laundry, for people from 3 to 103 years.

ALICE & THE WHITE RABBIT, Indigo Moon Theatre, (UK)

Join Alice on her magical adventure as she chases the White Rabbit back in time. A fantastic spiraling journey into Wonderland. Watch her change in size in this dream-like adaptation, using projection and giant shadows. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic and the original “white rabbit statue” in St. Mary’s Church, Beverley. On her journey she meets the Cheshire Cat and the March Hare at the Mad Hatter's tea party - but beware the Queen of Hearts!


A naughty little girl with her red hoodie is coming through the wood to visit her granny. Will she talk to the wolf? She’d better not, or the wolf might eat her! Granny's shopping trolley is full of strange objects, and they come in handy when telling the story. Simply charming story- telling full of fun, magic and singing, and using ‘instant puppetry’ - everyday objects are turned into characters and scenery before your eyes!

BITS & BATS, London School of Puppetry, (UK)

‘The London School of Puppetry’ is proud to present a bunch of varied characters with snippets from Shakespeare to Fairy Tales, using gloves, marionettes and more!

Join them for a unique moment where laughter, surprise and dreams lead the way.

Why not have a go at moving some puppets yourself during the informal “Hands-on” session at 3.30pm?

PUNCH & JUDY, Prof Glyn Edwards, (UK)

The ever popular uproarious Punch & Judy Show with all the trimmings.

After performances at the Victoria & Albert Museum,  Covent Garden, Moscow, Naples, Houston Texas, Bristol Zoo, Brighton Beach and other thrilling places Prof Glyn Edwards has finally arrived in Skipton!

PUPPET PARADE, Presto Puppets, (UK)

A colourful, fast moving puppet variety show with a host of glamorous half life-size trick marionettes.

"PUPPET PARADE" established "Presto Puppets" as a truly international company, the show being acclaimed by American, French, German, Italian and Dutch audiences. This show has been featured on television and presented in top theatres and in variety shows supporting the stars of the entertainment world.

STANELLI’S SUPER CIRCUS, Upfront Puppet Theatre, (UK)

A great success at the last festival ... we had to ask them back!

Come and see the late Stan Parker’s world famous circus marionettes come to life once more in these thrilling short performances. Enjoy the ferocious lion, the highly skilled elephant and great acrobatics by cheeky monkeys... Take your seats!

SALT, Objects Dart, (UK)

Ivan the Ninny’s two older brothers are much cleverer than him - everybody just laughs at him because he is stupid. But one day he sails across the salty sea in a boat made of rubbish, and when he finds an island of salt he makes a fortune and manages to marry a princess!

The contents of a picnic hamper come to life to tell this great story!

BAL POPULAIRE, Plansjet, (Belgium)

Two strolling players arrive and unpack their cart loaded with puppets. Meet a host of beautifully made wooden marionettes & listen to traditional tunes from ‘Flandren’ played by Mieke on the hurdy-gurdy.

Plansjet have been delighting audiences on the streets throughout Europe for more than 20 years bringing people back to a gentle and enthralling world of pre-industrial entertainment.

THE UGLY DUCKLING, Brodyachaya Sobachka, (Russia)

The ensemble interprets Andersen’s tale with table-top puppets. The animals are reduced to their characteristic features and particular ways of moving. The language is their own. Their natural sounds onvincingly tell the story, because the director, scenographer and puppeteers really know their trade.

This is sublime puppetry. The essence of this story is captured in it’s purest form. Visual poetry!

THE KEY IN THE SEA, Flotsam & Jetsam, (UK)

Princess Brunhilde runs away from home fed up with being ignored by her parents. She has to spend the night in a tower by the sea, not knowing that a greedy sea monster fancies her as a snack.

Knut, a courageous fisherman who lives on an island in the middle of the Seven Seas, finds a message in a bottle with Brunhilde’s cry for help. But who will eventually be the hero of the day?...

DANGEROUS DAVE, Noisy Oyster, (UK)

Dangerous Dave, infinitely more ‘daft’ than ‘dangerous’, and his ridiculous sidekick ‘Herbert Lemon’ present some of the most mindbendingly silly stunts ever attempted...

Performed in an inimitable street theatre style, complete with participation form the audience.

THE SEAS OF ORGANILLO, Stephen Mottram, (UK)

From generation to generation life renews itself in the warm and mysterious ancient seas of Organillo. Stephen Mottram conjures up a beautiful, sexy world to tell this oldest of all stories. His puppets swim and wriggle their way through our deepest Freudian oceans. With astonishing music created with multiple recordings of a miniature street organ - ‘Organillo’.

“‘Organillo’ promises to hypnotise audiences through the nooks an crannies of their consciousness”. Time Out

JOURNEY OF TURTLE, Lempen Puppet Theatre, (UK)

An imaginative, evolutionary journey of this most fascinating and ancient creature. “In the beginning turtle was shiny and fast, always impatient, always in a hurry, but then one day he had a terrible accident....”

A beautiful story about following your dream, told with shadows, table-top and traditional storytelling.

Lempen Puppet Theatre tour all over the UK and Europe. Here you can see them ‘at home’!

PUNCH & JUDY, Prof Glyn Edwards, (UK)

Rod Burnett presents his ‘Original Punch & Judy Show’ for the first time in Skipton. He is regarded as

one of the leading exponent of the art of Punch & Judy with his show steeped in the traditions of

Commedia Delo Arte and performed with hilarious, irreverent and sometimes shocking black humour.

Enjoy! ... Oh yes you will!!!

FISHY WISHES, Black Cat Theatre, (UK)

A good woman discovers that when wishes come true they don’t always bring what you want. A great adaptation of a tale by the Brothers Grimm performed with table-top puppets and colourful shadows.

Locally based Black Cat Theatre, have been telling traditional tales with puppets and imaginative shadow work since 1985.

Extra Street Performers:

YESHE THE YAK & VERONICA, Thingumajig Theatre (UK)

THE RICKSHAW, Clive Chandler & Martin Reeves, (UK)


THEATRE FOR ONE, Handheld Theatre  & Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre, (UK)

LATIN HORSES, Cusan Theatre Productions, (UK)

JABBERWOCKY, Rough Magic Theatre, (UK)


DROP-IN WORKSHOPS, Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre, (Scotland)






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