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puppetry development opportunity

Skipton Puppet Festival 2019

Call Out for new work and work in development.

We've all been there - Is it finished? should it be like this, that or the other? Will people laugh or will they cry? Have you got a new piece of work that needs testing, or an older piece that needs re inventing? -Then here's an opportunity for you.

Skipton Puppet Festival are offering six grants of £200 for puppeteers to help facilitate the shaping and development of new work by exposure to audiences at Skipton.

Open to applicants from across the UK.

Do you have a new piece of work but are missing an outlet to perform it in?

Do you need to see how audiences react to your ideas in order to help shape them?

Would you like useful and constructive feedback from a range of puppet professionals, puppet interested people and families to drive your work forward?

Do you want the opportunity to showcase your new work at a prominent international puppetry festival?

Skipton Puppet Festival through funding from Arts Council England, is offering 6 artists/groups of any age, with strong interests in puppetry and creating work for the small stage, the opportunity to perform and receive feedback with the aim of developing the platform for new work and emerging puppeteers.  

The successful applicants will receive a bursary of £200 to assist them with some of their expenses, up to 2 nights of free accommodation in a nearby simple hostel, food on the day of their performances and an artists pass/deal to see other festival performances (details TBC).

In addition there will be a masterclass on Friday 4th October with Sarah Wright of Curious School of Puppetry. There is a fee for this of £20 but successful applicants will be offered a discounted rate TBC. The festival also provides many opportunities for conversations and networking meetings with PUK, Equity and various Q&A sessions with international artists.

We are looking for submissions of ideally between 10-20 minutes performance length that

focus on puppetry and/or object theatre. Performances can use up to three performers.

Successful submissions will be performed at the festival in the festival hub-site to a live audience, with opportunity to receive feedback. Companies will receive a copy of all feedback gained from the performance. Skipton Puppet Festival is a key date in the UK and European calendar and there is always a generous buzz of artists at all stages of their careers sharing their work and ideas. This is a fantastic opportunity aimed at budding puppeteers, emerging artists, as well as established professional artists.

Opportunity details

- Aimed at those wanting to gain feedback and insight into their work to progress it further.

- Pieces can be suitable for adults or children but this must be made clear on the application form.

- It is acceptable to submit work that has already been in-development for a while sometimes a piece needs several reinventions to find its potential.

- We welcome entries of work that have been created specifically for this opportunity.

- Performances will take place in a marquee in the centre of the festival hub - artists should be prepared for noise pollution from other acts.

- Please note; The space is unlikely to have a full blackout - however if we receive many applications which are blackout dependent we may reconsider our options. Please indicate on your application whether blackout is neccessary, preferable or unnecessary. Make it clear if your proposal is lighting dependant e.g. shadow work. We may not be able to accept work dependant on full blackout but we are looking into this.

- Pieces must be between about 10 and 20 minutes in length

- Pieces must be technically self-sufficient and not require a big, lengthy set up. Ideally pieces would require no tech or low tech.

- The venue will have a basic rig with about 4-6 lamps for simple lighting as well as a sound system. Pieces must not require smoke effects or strobe lighting.

- Successful applicants will have the option to stay in simple accommodation nearby and receive hot food and refreshments on the day of performing.

- A small grant of £200 will be given to support each selected piece. This is not a paid opportunity.

- We would hope that successful applicants make use of their time in Skipton during the festival and attend other events to gain inspiration, insight and experience.

- Applicants must be available between 4th - 6th October 2019.

To apply:

- Complete the short application form giving particular weight to what this opportunity would do for you and where you see your puppetry piece going in the future.

- Attach a video of the piece in its current state. Video quality will not count towards the decision process, but footage must be clear enough to view properly.

- Send the above to admin@skiptonpuppetfestival.co.uk.

- Please use WeTransfer or Dropbox if files are too large.

Send in your completed application and video to admin@skiptonpuppetfestival.co.uk

by Sunday 4th August 2019

Made possible through funding from:                    and sponsorship from Leila Kneale

Download the Application Form  Click here