'Lost and Found'

TAMTAM objektentheater Workshop/ Masterclass:

The secret life of objects.

Venue:  Airton Friends Meeting House.

               The Barn, Airton, North Yorkshire, BD23 4AE

Dates:   26th - 28th September 2017 (3 days - 10am -4pm)

Cost:     £200 ( Early bird offer £175 if booked before June 26th)

Included in the price of the masterclass is 2 nights accommodation in the bunk barn and a simple vegetarian meal on the evenings of the 26th & 27th. Additional accommodation in the barn is available subject to availability before and after these dates at £17 per night but must be booked separately by the participant. (see for more information)

Masterclass by:

Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande from TAMTAM objektentheater

For: theatre students, puppet and object performers, actors with experience in performing, directing or creating, musicians, visual artists, animators.

Goal: To create a wordless visual performance starting from found objects. Learning how to use objects and materials to find drama and content for a performance - about objects.

From looking at the characters of objects and bringing them alive, to writing a visual scenario and making a small or large performance.

Number of participants: 12 to 15 maximum

Possible Languages : English / French / German


TAMTAM objektentheater from The Netherlands has been developing visual theatre with objects but without text for 37 years. The style they found is somewhere between plastic art and theatre with an important role for music and soundtrack. They also work on animation videos. They have toured to 28 countries and influenced a lot of performers with their work. Press critics praise them for their original and subtle style.

Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande invite you to share their knowledge and to participate in this masterclass.


Part 1: object-auditions

All participants will have to bring objects from a list we send. After an initial explanation on object-theatre we will start looking at what the participants have brought.

Everyone will show some objects and explain why they have been chosen. We are going to explore what the characters and talents of these objects are and what they tell us that we can use in a story. We are also going to look at what associations participants have with objects that others have brought.

Part 2: What do we want to tell

We are going to find drama inside each object and how we can combine them to make them work in drama. We will also work on how to manipulate them to make the audience believe in them as characters, to make them stand out in the role that they play in a dramatic development.

We are going to combine what the participants want to say with the talents of the objects.

The basics of scenario writing for visual theatre will be explained.

Also the special roles of scenography, music and light in wordless visual theatre will be explained. This also applies to the making of an animation movie.

Part 3: Making your own small performance.

The participants will be creating small performances of 5 to 10 minutes in groups of two. During this process feedback is given on situations and problems which occur, so that everyone can learn from them.

When the performances are ready they will be performed for the whole group. Everyone can comment and the participants will be given time to improve them. Musicians among the participants can help to make the soundtrack.

Part 4: Performing for a real audience

The participants will have the opportunity to perform their pieces for a real audience at the festival.  

This will be in either the small marquee scratch space developed by 'Moving Parts' or in the Festival 'Down Time' - the informal 'Jam ' of festival talent last thing on Saturday night in the festival.

To book contact:

Skipton Puppet Festival   -   01756 797 149  /