Zoom Workshop with Garlic Theatre

The creature that nobody saw

Create your own mini puppet show at home to share with your friends

Online – 3 zoom sessions for young families (suggested suitability 5 – 8 and families)

By Garlic Theatre – originally commissioned by The Library Presents

Join Garlic Theatre’s Zoom sessions to learn to make your own little puppet show about

an imaginary creature living in your house.

Sessions take place 10th / 17th / 25th August at 11am. Duration ~ 30 minutes

Cost per family £15

(maximum - 15 families)

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Mark and Iklooshar from Garlic Theatre would like to inspire young children and spark their creativity. Showing 3 short films in different zoom sessions over 3 weeks families will be guided and encouraged to create their own mini puppet show at home. The films shown are without words about a strange creature living in a den in the house and going on a little adventure. The films will use puppets, original music and sets.  

Each week, after watching the film the families will be inspired to have a go at a different part of the process of creating their own dens and creatures and making their own little puppet show which they could potentially perform live or record on their phones.

We expect the age range to be from 5 – 8 years and their families and there will be a maximum of 15 families for each zoom session. After each session, Garlic Theatre will provide a downloadable PDF of instructions, ideas and suggested materials for the families to be guided in their making. They will also provide sound files for families to use to inspire them.

Each zoom session will be hosted by Mark and Iklooshar and last about 30 minutes. The style will be very friendly, starting with a welcome song and ending with a goodbye song. The sessions are designed to open up ideas and creativity to move the story on a bit each time, then sensitively share and celebrate what the families make, responding and valuing their creative input.

The 3 films, PDFs and sound files will be available to watch and download for everyone for a limited number of months so that anyone can do the same course in 3 stages in their own time.

Week 1 / Tuesday 10th August at 11am

The Den

What or who lives behind the cupboard in your house?

Week 2 / Tuesday 17th August at 11am

Do you ever loose things in your house? What or who do you think takes them?

Week 3 / Wednesday 25th August at 11am

The Resolution.